Engr. Christian Roey S. Cunanan
Computer Engineer

"I'm a graduate from Bulacan State University and I just finished taking up Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering last June 2019. I love to code and to solve problems. I like programming because when I code, I feel like I am just playing and solving problems at the same time. I am knowledgeable in different programming languages such as C, C++, VB.Net, Python, Assembly, HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript and Bootstrap. I have basic knowledge in those languages that I learned from school and from online courses. I also have knowledge in Arduino which what I used to build some of my DIY projects such as Powerbanks, Wi-Fi Jammer, Sensors, Toys, and others. I'm extremely passionate about the hardware and software projects that I did and that is related to my course. In fact, me and my team in thesis got the Best Thesis Title in Computer Engineering Department and that is my motivation to continue to pursue my passion in hardware and software projects that I do. I'm also a Startup Enthusiast and a founder of some startups called LinkMed, Junkyard, and iStart. Even though all of my startups failed, I am not discouraged, because I believe in the saying that "every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward." In fact, LinkMed even got to the Top 10 Finalist in Philippine Startup Challenge 4 but because we didn't have investors that time, the startup failed; but I take it as a challenge to pursue to make ideas into reality."



Best Thesis in Computer Engineering Department (Bulacan State University)

Finalist in Philippine Startup Challenge 4

Bootstrap Certification via Udemy Online

HTML Certification via sololearn

CSS Certification via sololearn

PHP Certification via sololearn