JUNKYARD is the second startup that I co founded with my schoolmates to join the 5th Philippine Startup Challenge. Junkyard is a scrap buying application that helps you to reduce your waste by selling it at the same time earning points that you can redeem. Users can sell their scrap to our application and our volunteer scavengers will collect it. Users will then earn points based on how much their scrap cost. Users can redeem this points to buy prepaid load and game money such as steam wallet and garena shells. You can now reduce your waste at home at the same time earn some points by selling it to us. After our scavengers collect all the scraps they will bring it to our specific warehouse and we will organize all the scraps based on what type they are then send it on its way to the recycling centers in our country.

The startup didn't qualify to the semi-finals and we decided not to pursue the idea.