MY THESIS is entitled Gas Energy Generator by Utilizing Wood and Agricultural Waste Resources is awarded as the Best Thesis in Computer Engineering Department of my school (Bulacan State University). The device is a kind of Gasifier that burns any Woods or any Agricultural Waste such as bagassee, rice husk, and etc. This input waste was going into a process called gasification and produces fumes to that will be used to power up any engines. In a gasification process, wood produces enough carbon monoxide in the air. Although, it is a small amount, it can sometimes affect human body if exposed with huge amount. This is what we call carbon monoxide poisoning. To prevent carbon monoxide poisoning we need to develop a CO monitoring device to monitor the carbon monoxide in the air in terms of PPM (Parts Per Million) value. The monitoring device will detect the air quality and will alarm if the carbon monoxide is high. If you want to know more about the study, you can message me and if you are a farmer or someone who thinks they need to build this device. I will give the design and codes for free.

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